Vitruvian is a drop cap typeface that reflects the art and design history behind the European Renaissance. It takes inspiration from ornaments and traditional European motifs to convey the ideas that came about during the 14th-16th centuries. Vitruvian explores how design can be a vehicle for teaching or learning about history.


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October 2021
Drop caps were typically used to differentiate a section in a book. The glyphs are a combination of type and illustration. Oftentimes the illustrations would reflect what was happening in the story. Elements from nature such as floral patterns played a key role in the design.
designs inspired by italian motifs
A cherub or winged angel has a strong biblical reference that relates historically to Italian history.
vitruvian in context
Initials used in a redesigned version of the story “Alice’s Adventures Underground” written by Lewis Carroll.
Drop caps and chapter headings are set with Vitruvian.
A fairytale or childrens story is a perfect place for this drop cap typeface to live. It gives the book a whimsical and playful look. The body copy is Cabazon, designed by Jim Parkinson.